By Brook Stevenson May 9, 2017


One of the cutest of cat breeds, the exotic shorthair is a mixed breed from a range of crossbreeding over the years. The exotic shorthair can possess a range of various looks; with a Persian style “squishy” face, with a round Scottish fold head and a soft rag-doll body. The exotic shorthair has less associated genetic issues than other designer cat breeds, with a very mellow and gentle temperament.


The exotic shorthair has a very round face. They are a very popular breed in Japan due to their round and “cartoonish” appearance. They don’t often have a folded ear, but they can be crossbred with a Scottish fold. They have a little upturned nose similar with the Persian, with large “animae-looking” eyes. Due to their frequent cross breeding with other breeds, they come in a range of colors but are infamous for their short, angora coat. They obviously require significantly less grooming than the traditional Persian or Himalayan but have a relaxed personality. Obviously they are a great choice for a person looking for a low-maintenance version of a Persian. They do have the capacity to gain significant weight if their diet and exercises isn’t in check. They have a more solid body type than a Siamese, but due to gluttony they can become chubby if not managed well. Additionally, they are known for having a short and stubby tail with big paws. 

Personality Profile

Similar to their Persian cousins, they are known for being very snuggly and affectionate to their owners. They are more independent than other breeds and love to rest. They are more than happy to be in a single cat household. Additionally, they can be left at home through the day without destroying your home (unlike a Bengal). They can be a little glutinous so they should be watched in a multi-cat household. They also can be more passive than a domestic, so they need to be nurtured to check they don’t become victimized by other cats. They tend to be quiet and easy going. They are the perfect cat for someone who works long hours with limited room. 


As with many other pure-breeds they have been linked with kidney issues, eyelid malformations and cardiac problems. Additionally, despite their short hair they require some regular grooming to ensure they don’t get any dermatitis or clogged pores. Also similar to the Persian, they can have feline acne and black heads. If this does become the case they need regular facials (just joking) they do need some regular grooming and washing. They also might need a very gentle feline shampoo and some gentle exfoliating (otherwise you can use some oatmeal and make a scrub). 

They do have a shorter life than a domestic breed, they live (on average) 14 years. They also require semi-regular check-ups to ensure that they don’t have any genetic conditions. 


Personally, the exotic shorthair is the perfect cat for someone looking for an easygoing companion who is content with a single cat home. They don’t tend to tear the home apart when you’re gone and they also are very clean. Similar to the Persian they are not ideal for anyone with any feline allergies. Also despite their short hair, they shed a lot. They can be rumored to shed more than a typical Persian. 


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