About Necoichi products
Q Are the bowls microwave-safe?

Yes, they are.  
The surface coating will not be affected.

Q Are the bowls dishwasher-safe?

Yes, they are,
but due to the unique shape of the top and bottom of the bowl, hand-washing is recommended.

Q How much water does the Raised Water Bowl hold?

If filled to the the top, it holds 11.8 ounces, and each measuring line represents 1.7 ounces.  
For every 2.2 lbs, cats require a daily intake of 1-1.7 ounces of water,
so the bowl's measuring lines conveniently show you how much water your cat is drinking.  

* If the measuring lines in your bowl are improperly printed, please contact us using this form, and we will gladly exchange it.

Q How much food do the bowls hold? I'm not sure which size is best for my cat.

The Food Bowls may appear small, but in reality, they're actually deeper than many other brands' products. 

While the amount will vary depending on the type of food and its moisture content,
as part of two feedings a day for a 4~13lb cat, the bowl will hold roughly one meal's worth of food.

Please refer to the guide below to choose the best size for your cat.

★Food Used in Demonstration★
Dry kitten food

① Raised Food Bowl (Regular Size)
Dimensions  Bowl: 4.3in diameter; 1.2in deep
                    Stand: 3.5in diameter; 1.6in tall
                   Full dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.0 inches

80% full: 60g (2.1oz)
Filled to the top: 88g (3.1oz)
Large serving: 122g (4.3oz)

② Raised Food Bowl (Large Size)
Dimensions  Bowl: 4.9in diameter; 1.4in deep
                     Stand: 2.4in tall
                     Full dimensions: 4.9 x 4.9 x 3.9 inches

80% full: 107g (3.8oz)
Filled to the top: 161g (5.7oz)
Large serving: 215g (7.6oz)

③ Anti-spill Food Bowl (no stand)
Dimensions  Diameter: 4.3in
                     Depth: 1.4in
                     Base: 1.0in
                     Base: 0.4in

80% full: 82g (2.9oz)
Filled to the top: 117g (4.1oz)
Large serving: 153g (5.4oz)

④ Raised Food Bowl (Mini)
Dimensions  Bowl: 3.1 inches diameter; 1 inch deep
                     Stand: 2.7 inches diameter; 1.2 inches tall    

80% full: 26g (0.9oz)
Filled to the top: 46g (1.6oz)
Large serving: 57g (2.0oz)


Q The bowls seem a bit low in height..

Unlike dogs, cats do not have a large difference in body size. 
For this reason, the Happy Dining Series was made at a height that is a comfortable angle for cats between 6.6 and 11lbs to eat from with ease (greatly reducing the risk of regurgitation).
 If the bowl doesn't appear high enough, try using a towel or placemat underneath to increase the height.
When your cat is first getting used to the bowl, they may look like they're having difficulty eating,
but as they use it more, they will become more accustomed to eating from it.

Q Helpful hints

Necoichi bowls were created because cats use their tongues to pick up and eat food,
so our bowls are made of porcelain to maintain cleanliness.  
They also have the advantage of keeping heated food warm.  
Many cats like to eat warm rice, warm water, and soup.
 If your cat appears disinterested in their food, try warming it up a little.  
You can also warm dry food in the microwave.  It increases its aroma and can entice your cat to eat more.

Q Regarding safety

Necoichi bowls are made in China.  
However, since they're FDA-approved, there is no worry that lead or cadmium will leak,
and their safety is well established.  We are grateful for your peace of mind.

Q The bowl makes a clattering noise, and it bothers my cat.

Due to the difficulty of making the base perfectly level during the manufacturing process,
depending on where you place the bowl, it's possible it may make a small clattering noise.

If your cat seems bothered by it and won't eat their food, try placing a towel or anti-slip mat underneath the bowl, as it reduces vibration.

Q What are the dimensions of the indentations on the tray?

The round indentation on the tray is 4.3 inches in diameter.  
It is measured to be a perfect fit for the Necoichi Happy Dining Raised Food Bowl (Large Size) and the Raised Water Bowl. 
Q How do I fold up the cage?

Please refer to the video below.

Engilish ver is coming soon.Sorry for your inconvinience.

* This product uses a soft inner wire that is designed to fold easily.  
If you fold it forcefully, it could bend and damage the wire, so please use caution.

Q Can it get wet with rain or water?

While the material has a water-repellant finish, the Portable Cage is intended for emergencies, evacuation, travel, as a private space when houseguests are visiting, and for indoor use.  Please be advised that they're not intended for outdoor use in the rain.

Q How many cats can fit inside?

It depends on how much time your cats spend inside, how they get along, and their size, but if you include items like the Portable Litter Box, a scratcher bed, and toys, it's recommended for up to 2 cats.  Beyond that number, it may cause stress for your cats, so it's best to use caution.

★For Reference★
The image below illustrates how two cats fit in the Portable Cage with the Portable Litter Box inside.

Q Is the Portable Litter Box included as a set?

The Portable Cat Litter Box is sold separately.

Q What are the dimensions of the cage when folded up?

The cage becomes a circular shape when folded up.
 The diameter is approximately 11.8 inches, and is approximately 3.9 inches thick.

Q What are the velcro straps securing the cage for?

This is a "temporary fastener" to prevent the cage from opening all at once.  
You can use the cage without utilizing these velcro straps.

Q I misplaced the securing band that holds it together.

Unfortunately, we do not sell individual bands.  Please use the measurements below as a reference.

Width: approximately 1.0 inch
Diameter: approximately 13.3 inches (unstretched)
Elastic material

Q What are the loops at the bottom of the cage used for?

The 4 loops attached to the bottom of the cage are for securing the cage to the ground when using it outdoors.
 (* stakes are not included, so please purchase them separately)

Q How to use the name card

There is a small plastic insert on the lower left corner of the cage,
in which the provided namecard can be inserted after writing your cat's information on it.

Q How to replace the scratcher pad in the Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl

Press your hand inside the hole underneath the base, and push on the scratcher pad to remove it.  
The easiest way to remove it is to use your other hand to support the scratcher pad as you press from underneath.
Q Which collar would you recommend for kittens?

We recommend the Chirimen series, because they are made from a soft Japanese chirimen crepe fabric.  
By moving the knot, you can easily adjust the size.
Q Where can I buy Necoichi products?

Necoichi products are sold primarily at Amazon, Chewy and Healthyspot locations.

Q How do I become a Necoichi member?

Using this form, you may register after filling in the required fields.  We hope to gain many registered members!

Q Do I have to pay for a Necoichi membership?

All services are free.

Q What am I able to do with a Necoichi membership?

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Q Contact us about product defects

In the unlikely event that any of our products have defects, please contact us using the form below.
We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. 
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