About Necoichi

I still remember, a long time ago, someone complaining:
“I can’t find what I really want!”.
We don’t want to make products that are chosen by a process of elimination. Our aim is to make products that you really want.
We have a deep understanding of the needs of cats and their owners; with this in mind, we develop excellent products that are both functional and beautifully designed.
Let’s make products that cats enjoy!.
Our aim is to make unique products.
Here you can suggest new products or improvements to existing products.
What do you think about our products?
Send your photos and videos of your cats enjoying with the Necoichi products.
With every subscription, 5 yen are donated to a cat shelter in Japan.
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Necoichi Official Site - We develop excellent cat products that are both functional and beautifully designed to help your cat live a happy life with you