Famous Cat Owners

By brook Stevenson Mar 28, 2017
Famous Cat Owners

Famous Cat Owners


Obviously there are two types of people in this world. There are the dog people and the superior cat people. Now frequently us cat people do have to endure many remarks about the selfishness of cats, how they are too “aloof” or how they manipulate. But I have found a range of super high profile celebrities and political figures who also have shown me they are a part of our tribe, our feline tribe.


JAMES AND DAVE FRANCO: these incredibly attractive brothers are the poster men for cat ladies of the world. Personally, I think every woman should add these incredibly talented brothers because they are passionate cat lovers (they both own moggy domestic short-haired cats).

RICKY GERVAIS: This hilarious comedian is a big advocate of cats, declaring a large amount of his Instagram to his delightful Himalayan color point Ollie is quite the mellow and playful cat.

RUSSELL BRAND: The Wildman of the media is a notorious cat lover. Her frequently thanks his cat Morrissey a tabby domestic cat for his support. Russell is also a big advocate for the appropriate treatment of cats and other animals.

TAYLOR SWIFT: Notorious for promoting her two Scottish fold cats through any social media channel you can find, Taylor Swift has never been shy of admitting she is a cat person and not a big dog person.

DITA VON TEESE: this famous for… clothing designing or burlesque dancing and a bunch of other things also has her down devout Devon Rex. Notorious known for being a more “allergy friendly” breed, as well as a very unique and unusual breed the Devon is known to have an almost dog-like personality.


KATY PERRY: Also known by her fans as “Kitty Purry” it is no surprise this woman is an avid cat-lady. She frequently donates and promotes a range of different charities for feline health and support. She is an amazing advocate for the proper treatment of cats within the wider community.


Obviously these are some big celebrity cat people but the popularity of cat’s ahs soared since the popularity of social media. Analysts believe that this is due to the social behaviors of cats. Obviously cats require more time than dogs to warm to people and to become extraverted in front of strangers. Because of the ease of camera phones, we are now able to have a small insight into cats’ interesting and very hilarious behavior through the Internet. Reports state that cat videos are the top “most watched” videos of 2015 and 2016 and it’s not all crazy cat ladies watching them. Since 2015 there has been a big rise of men identifying themselves as cat people as well.

Obviously us cat owners known the amazing benefits of having a cat in your life, but their interesting character quirks definitely make for some hilarious YouTube afternoons!



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