Weird Things Cats do

By Brooke Stevenson Jan 25, 2017
Weird Things Cats do

If you’re a cat owner (like I am) then I am sure on more than one occasion you have noticed some really weird habits cats have. So today I have looking at some of these bizarre traits to try and understand why they do the weird things they do.


Why do they constantly lick themselves?

It’s because their tongue has little spines on it that act almost like a comb when they lick themselves. So it’s just like they are styling their fur every time they do this. Not so bad not is it?

Why do they sleep in the most bizarre positions?

This is a result of both weather variables as well as comfort levels. You’ll notice if your cat is very comfortable and warm they often spread their bodies out in the strangest ways. However when your cat’s cold they can tuck up into a tiny ball and resemble a loaf of bread. 

They Bite Their Nails

Cats actually are known to bite their claws when they are anxious as well as when their claws are overgrowing. Supposedly this can be also sign they need a scratching post (if they don’t have one). They need to file back their claws regularly so they can ensure the dead layers can be shed away from the claw. You’ll sometimes find a portion of claw around the home because of this.

Weird Toileting Habits

So cats don’t like pooping in the same place another cat poops, so that’s why when you have more than one (particularly male) they have accidents everywhere. I still can’t understand why my cat insists on giving full eye contact while pooping (aside from to make me feel uneasy).

They prefer a fresh water source

If your cat sees you (someone they trust) drinking out of a glass they assume it’s a safe water source. So this is why they insist on putting their paw in your drink rather than drink their own water from their bowl. They also trust a running water source over a stagnant one, so that’s why they drink your shower water or drink from a leaky tap.

The weird booty wiggle when they pounce

Have you ever noticed that cats wiggle their bottoms when getting ready to pounce? This actually serves a purpose; it warms up their leg muscles as well as let’s them better assess their prey.  

Why do they insist on dropping off their hunt (generally a mouse or insect) next to you and meow until you see it?

This is actually a big sign of respect and contribution. Your cat actually knows you are always bringing their food, so they assume when they catch something they should return the favor to you and show you what they caught you.

Why does my cat always nibble on things?

This is a little bit tricky to understand. In kittens it is so they can ensure their mature teeth come in, in adult cats it can be from habit or also from overgrowing or irritated gums. Some vets advise you should brush your cat’s teeth to prevent this problem. So if you have a mature cat that has destroyed multiple phone chargers ensure you always turn the power off, as well as brush their teeth.


Random jumping

So there are two reasons for this;

-       It can be from excessive built up energy they need to instantly release

It can also be from a weird skittish instinct, where in a cat’s peripheral vision they interpret a big predator and feel they need to run away. It’s the same as the reflex in humans that makes us fearful of speed cameras.


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