Hacks for Responsible Pet Ownership

By Brooke Stevenson Jan 25, 2017
Hacks for Responsible Pet Ownership

Ok, like many cat owners I was very guilty of not being so “on-top” of responsible cat owner duties. So I have done my research and have checked when and how your supposed to complete the boring cat owner tasks to ensure a happy and healthy cat for life. I have actually combined some simple commonly used applications for your mobile to make being a cat owner easier. I personally use Google calendar as my normal phone calendar then I use a special color (brown – like the cat’s fur) to note all cat related tasks and I use a meow as the alarm. This at least ensures I will have a phone update of when I need to be up to date with the odd jobs of being a pet owner.  


Phone Reminders

As I have already said, phone reminders are amazing. With an online calendar you can sync up all your monthly cat jobs; flea and worming treatments, your bulk purchase tasks as well as vet visit reminders. This prevents you from missing out on important responsible pet owner tasks.


Buy in bulk

This is an obvious no-brainer. Buying your kitty litter and your cat food in bulk saves you money and it saves you a lot of time. I buy my kitty litter in large big sacks then scoop some into a big container and use as required. I do the same with dry cat food (always make sure to note the best before dates). Buying flea and working treatments in a combined formula online in bulk also saves you a small fortune and it ensures you actually will worm and treat them when they need it (instead of putting it off for a month until you visit the vet clinic).


Have an Emergency kit

This obviously will vary according to your cats’ requirements. A clever idea is to have a few days worth of cat food and a blanket in their cat carrier (check out ours, you’ll love it). In case you ever need to go somewhere quickly or there is a disaster of some kind, you have some supplies. Also if your cat has a condition, pop a few days worth of their medication in their kit as well.


Have a Vet plan

This might sound strange, but have the phone number of an emergency vet on your phone and pop it into your contacts. Obviously your cat will have their normal vet for check-ups and for ongoing care, but it’s so important to know if there is an emergency vet in your area and their opening hours (most will be 24 hours).

If your cat is on any regular medications, have a little note in your phone of the dose and the name (just in case).


Your cat needs a next of kin

Now this is something many people don’t think about either. My best friend has a spare key for my home and I have my emergency vet kit with back up medications and food just in case. You never know when something can happen to your own health or when you might have a serious emergency preventing you from being able to go home for a few days. So let someone you trust know they are your pets guardian if anything does occur to you.


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