Kitten Proofing your Home

By Brooke Stevenson Jan 25, 2017
Kitten Proofing your Home

One of the most nerve-wracking factors while bringing a cat home is the preparation of your new bundle of joy (albeit this bundle of joy will destroy your toilet paper and remove all your tissues from the box). But a few little steps you can take before bringing your kitten home can ensure your little kitty won’t get into too much mischief (and destroy too many of your belongings).


1.    Remove Dangerous Objects form their reach!

·         Make sure you check on your houseplants, kittens have a cheeky habit of chewing on plants and leaves (or flowers too). Try to minimize any of these in the home especially while they are young and learning about their surroundings

·         Medications to be put up high. Again, kittens see brightly colored tablets as being a fun toy, so these can easily become poisonous to your little kitty.

·         Cleaning supplies should also be put somewhere little paws cannot reach. Ensure they are either in a hard to access drawer otherwise up in a high cupboard.

·         Remember kittens can – parkour, if there is a set of little kitten sized steps anywhere, they will climb and get there. So best to put medications and cleaning supplies into a cupboard or drawer.

·         Fold up cords (and always switch the power off when not using an appliance). Remember kittens go through teething just like babies, when they teeth they chew. Iphone cords and cables are always high risk for cats chewing on them. Just tie them up and put things away after using them (like straightening irons or chargers). If you can’t fold the cords then tie them up-up and away.

·         Be sure to keep them away from areas they might get in the way (this is a challenge). If you have a busy household then during mealtimes pop the kitty into another room so they don’t get stood on (also good to get them out of the habit of stealing food or jumping on the countertops). I try to feed my cat at the same time



2.    Bedding – Should a kitten sleep in your bed or not

People have very differing opinions on this topic. Personally I believe it depends on how deeply you sleep (as I would never forgive myself if I rolled over a kitten and hurt them). Personally, I think while they are little it’s best to give them their own kitten bed.

The ideal kitten bed: Firstly a little tip is to get a microwaveable heat pack (not a hot water bottle), a very furry blanket and something that smells like their mother (if from a breeder) and some people advise using a little ticking clock too (so it simulates the mothers heart beat).


3.    Prevention is better than a cure

To beat the kitten, try to think like a kitten (just joking…sort of).

-       Well, try to look at the easy to access spots for them, is there things clumsy tails can knock over?

-       Remember they will go into and under all little crevices and spaces

-       They may get stuck in those afore mentioned crevices and spaces

-       Little claws will easily puncture anything inflatable and hot water bottles

-       Give them a scratching post, they need something to sharpen their claws otherwise they will destroy your furniture, that is a fact

-       Get plenty of toys and play with them. Kittens have a lot of energy, but they do burn out easy. Use this energy to your advantage and get them to play intensely, especially before and after work

-       Try to have someone pop around if you won’t be home for a long time (eg for work) and play with them. Trust me you will have plenty of friends offering you this service (who doesn’t love playing with a kitten).


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