Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

By Amanda Eliis Jan 25, 2017
Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

A historic debate between animal lovers worldwide concerns the differences between the personalities of cat lovers and dog lovers — and there is indeed a difference. There are many factors to consider, including who is more intelligent, more lively, or more likely to please. There are many similarities between animal lovers of all kinds as well, but let’s take a look at some of the stark differences that exist between many cat lovers and many dog lovers.


1)    Cat Lovers Tend to be More Introverted

This is neither a positive or negative statement, but merely a comparison between typical dog behavior and typical cat behavior. While cats are capable of getting along in groups, they are much more independent and prone to spending longer periods of time by themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, are generally overly social animals and always striving for inclusion in groups of people or other animals. Cat lovers tend to be more comfortable by themselves and do not need the constant attention of others.


2)  Cat Lovers Tend to be Less Judgmental

Cats in general are very curious creatures and are prone to fully investigating an object, person, or place before deciding its personal value. Sometimes they take days or weeks to come to a final decision on whether or not they like something. Dogs, on the other hand, tend to pass judgement on other animals or people quite quickly — sometimes too quickly. For example, a dog might bark aggressively at another dog in the park for no reason other than proximity to their respective owner. They might immediately decided they do not like someone at the door to their home — merely for being there. These behaviors applied to people tend to identify cat lovers as more open-minded.


3) Cat Lovers Tend to be More Intelligent

While dogs and cats are both smart in different ways, general intelligence is measured by an understanding of one’s environment and the respective reaction to stimuli. Dogs tend to plod through life governed by the whims of treats offered by owners while cats are more prone to absorbing the intricacies of their environments before reacting. A cat’s independence attributes to their possible higher intelligence and owners often reflect their pets. Dogs may be smarter in a social pack-type manner, but as for overall intelligence, cat lovers probably have them beat.


4) Cat Lovers Tend to be Quieter

Again relating to the increased social needs of dogs vs cats, cats tend to prefer quieter, less lively environments where they can be left to their own activity and reflection. Dogs rather enjoy the hyper stimulation of mass human activity. Perhaps adding to the greater intelligence of cat lovers vs dog lovers, cat lovers need more time for personal thought processes.


5) Cat Lovers Tend to Seek Affection vs Companionship

People who gravitate towards cats more than dogs may do so on account of their desire for true, purposeful tenderness. While dogs in general are friendly and always want to be nearby humans, a cat’s love and presence must be earned from their owners. Cats tend to provide affection of their own accord and will not do so if forced. Cat lovers seem to desire a deliberate display of authentic affection as opposed to constant companionship.


6) Cat Lovers Tend to be More Sensitive

This is not a surprising statement considering the greater flight tendencies of cats versus dogs. For example, in a household where a cooking pan accidentally drops to the ground, a cat is more likely to flee for cover whereas a dog will approach the scene seeking any displaced foodstuff. This physical sensitivity is due to the physiological differences of the two animals as well as the historically lengthier domestication of dogs versus cats, but can apply to emotional aspects as well. Cats usually take longer to adapt to new environments and are less likely to enjoy riding in the car, for example. These tendencies attribute to a cat owner’s more likely sensitive personality versus a typical dog owner.


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