Perks of choosing a mature cat

By Brooke Stevenson Jan 11, 2017
Perks of choosing a mature cat

There is a common question for those of us wanting to add a new pet into our home. Do I take the adorable risk of having a playful kitten in the home or do I choose a mature cat? As someone who has adopted both kittens as well as mature cats there are definitely a few more positive points to adopting an adult cat.


1.    Litter Training

One of the biggest perks of a mature cat is they are generally already confident to use kitty litter, you don’t have to spend time through the night with mishaps and popping a tiny kitten into a big pit of litter. Adult cats only need to be guided to where their kitty litter is and some privacy and they can generally pick it up very fast.


2.    Personality

I am a true believer that every cat has its own special and unique personality, so when you make the choice of a mature cat, your pet has already developed their own individual personality. This will usually be outlined to you on their adoption. Remember that a week or two must be allowed so your cat can settle into their new surroundings. Most cats up for adoption (from shelters and breeders) have already shown their owners that they are confident, snuggly or playful. Kittens however are more comparable to a toddler so they do have some personality traits but they are continually developing. You also must be more cautious with your discipline of a kitten, because of their size they can be very frightful and this can cause feline anxiety as a mature cat.


3.    Health Screening

Although obviously a mature cat can have numerous issues, they will likely have already been diagnosed and you will be given information for their ongoing management. If you have adopted a cat through a shelter they are de-sexed, wormed, vaccinated and treated for any common problems prior to going home with you. Kittens can frequently come home with feline flu (due to lack of immune system), diarrhea and vomiting (from worms – many kittens are born with them) and it will be likely you need to make regular vet visits for their booster vaccinations.


4.    You’re saving a life

Sadly, most adult cats don’t get adopted from shelters. Because the kittens are very cute and playful, many people choose a kitten over selecting a mature cat. Personally, I believe kittens are perfect for people who don’t require much sleep and have a lot of free time for litter-training, playing and discipline. But adult cats settle into your life very quickly, they already have a sleeping pattern so they won’t wake you at all hours and they tend to sleep rather that play and shred you belongings constantly (except for Bengal cats). Also adult cats still have a lot of life to live and sadly we all understand the fate of adult cats who cannot find a home.

My advice, save yourself a lot of stress and sleepless nights and bring a mature cat into your life and you won’t be disappointed.


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