Characteristics of Common Breeds of Domestic Cats

By Amanda Eliis Nov 29, 2016
Characteristics of Common Breeds of Domestic Cats

Every cat is loved for one reason or another but there are very distinct differences to be noted between our favorite domesticated breeds. Some are more obvious than others, such as coat color or body size, but there are also more subtle personality tendencies unique to each type of cat. If you are searching for the cat that is right for you it is important understand that each of these breeds has something slightly different to offer, although they all start out as equally adorable kittens.


Domestic Shorthairs

The most common type of indoor cat, domestic shorthairs are the ultimate all-around pet. With a short, low maintenance coat, small size, and easy-going personality, they make a great breed for the first time cat owner. Their mixed ancestry attributes to their adaptability to any situation — indoor or outdoor, family with kids or single owner. Domestic shorthairs tend to be clever cats that enjoy stimulation as well as equally lovable lap warmers. They come in nearly every color and coat pattern providing plenty of options for anyone looking to get a cat.


 Maine Coon Cats

These big, goofy guys are known as gentle giants — and rightfully so. Their large size, beautiful long hair, bushy tails, and tufted feet make them easy to adore. Coupled with an extremely loving nature, they make great family pets and are trustworthy around other animals. Maine Coons are the oldest breed in America and have evolved excellent mousing skills that can be equally applied indoors or out on the farm. They love to follow people around and are recognized for their quiet chirping meow, an added bonus that sets them apart from more vocal breeds.



Himalayan Cats

Beautiful cats with long unique hair coats and gorgeous sparkling eyes attract many fans. The Himalayan is a queen in all rights except that besides grooming, require much less maintenance than other breeds of cat. Himalayans are known to enjoy napping more than playtime and do not tend to demand attention. Their exclusive color point hair coat attributes to the breed’s public appeal. Himalayans are perfect cats for elderly folks and quiet homes.


Siamese Cats

This popular breed of cat is respected for its playful personality and pristine coat — similar to the Himalayan, but boasting shorter length hair and a smaller body frame. Opposite from the Himalayan is their greater need for attention and desire for interaction. These small, quirky, social animals are made for the involved cat owner. They fear being left alone and often bore easily, so prepare to have plenty of energy on hand before selecting this breed for your next pet endeavor.


Persian Cats

The epitome of an indoor lap ornament, Persian cats are adored for their sweet temperament and gentle behavior. Their cuddly appearance is due to big round eyes, squishy cheeks, rounded ears and a thick neck ruff. Their long, elegant coats come in nearly every solid color and the variety of their eye hues are never lacking in spark. Persians are one of the most lovable breeds around although they are never demanding of attention. Regular grooming and skin care are the only maintenance requirements for this docile breed. Perfect for the single owner or quiet couple, Persians will also tolerate boisterous children.



Burmese Cats

These cats are intelligent, social, and playful — without being overly needy. Burmese cats are best known for their emotional aptitude and have an astounding way of bonding with their families. Their athleticism is displayed in routine giant, leaping behaviors and they require a lot of stimulation at least throughout the early years. Burmese cats get along fantastically with children, making them an ideal selection for a family pet. Their people oriented behaviors attribute to a very attractive house cat and many owners that choose these cats report they have selected a lifestyle, never owning a different breed of cat again.


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