Flitters Bouncy Mouse Cocoon Wand (Feather)

Introducing a new and exciting toy that will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts! Made from all-natural and 100% sustainable silkworm cocoons, the scent, fluffy fibers and movement of this fun mouse wand toy with feathers will keep your cat’s attention during playtime.

🪶Made from all-natural, sustainable and safe silkworm cocoons
🪶Fluffy feathers and cocoon fibers stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts
🪶Silkworm cocoon scent attracts and fascinates felines
🪶Flittery, fluttery wand toy is perfect for active playtime, as the fluttering motion is sure to grab your cat’s attention
🪶Made from non-toxic, non-staining materials

・Dimensions:11.81” x 1.77” x 0.79”
・Weight: 0.01Pounds  
・Materials: Silk cocoon, Feather, Polyester, Natural wood
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