Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)
  • Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)
  • Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)
  • Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)
  • Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)
  • Raised Cat Food Bowl (Nala Cat  Limited Edition)

Raised Cat Food Bowl
(Nala Cat Limited Edition)


An Original Food Bowl that Provides the Utmost Comfort to Your Cat at Mealtimes! 

Necoichi’s “Happy Dining” Project has focused its efforts on finding the ideal feeding dish for cats, and now through non-clinical and animal-friendly research, we have developed the successful and wildly popular Raised Food Bowl.

Design, material, weight and all other aspects have been thoroughly studied and considered in creating this “easy to eat from”, “non-spill”, “sanitary” and “stylish” food bowl. 

☆Hear what our customers have to say! Check out these Amazon reviews!

“The size and height seemed to be just right for my cat. Now he has a much easier time chewing and eating dry food and treats, and I don’t find food on the floor anymore.” 

“Not sure if it has anything to do with the height, but my cat hardly ever eats stuff outside anymore. This No. 1 best-seller really is the best.” 

“It looks like the height makes it easier for my kitty to eat and she looks like she likes it a lot. It even looks cute!”

“My cat really digs in now and doesn’t leave a thing. Adding 4 inches to the base has made a huge difference. I bet that by this time next year, all pet supply companies will be using this bowl as the standard.” 

These are just a mere sampling of all the positive comments we have received about our awesome feeding bowl. We believe that our customers and their cats don’t lie, so if you and your cat haven’t been completely satisfied with the food bowls you have been using, we recommend trying our Raised Food Bowl! 


6 Reasons You’ll Love Happy Dining Raised Food Bowls


◎Perfect height for maximum comfort when eating

The esophagus of a cat follows a rather straight line from their mouth to their stomach. While humans can eat upside down; the feline anatomy is such that - when a cat eats from a dish, its mouth becomes lower than its stomach and the risk of backflow is increased.

When a cat is young and healthy, posture does not pose such a problem, but as cats age or weaken due to illness, various risks and discomfort increase. 

That is why we have set the height at just under 3 inches, the most comfortable height for adult cats. Just a simple adjustment of height effectively prevents backflow, reduces the risk of vomiting from swallowing too quickly and helps to alleviate other difficulties faced by elderly cats. 

You may be wondering why there is a need for height when animals in the wild all eat off the ground. For the same reason why people like to eat using tables – it’s more comfortable. Studies show that having a raised bowl increases the level of your cat’s comfort.

◎Food stays centered so there is less stress from having to chase food around the bowl 

Have you noticed that from time to time as your cat is finishing its meal, the food begins to scatter toward the edges of its bowl? Cats have a hard time trying to get to the last bits of food that remain along the rim of the bowl. That is why the bowls from the Happy Dining series are designed with the perfect curvature for making food fall back to the center of the bowl. 

If the maximum amount of food is consistently centered, cats can take an appropriate amount of food into their mouths with each bite, and they no longer need to stretch their necks down to reach the food. This also increases comfort and improves the overall dining experience.  Can you say happy?

◎An inner lip means no spills

One of the main difficulties we faced in designing this bowl was spillage. However, by adding a subtle inner lip to all of the bowls in the Happy Dining series, we were able to eliminate the problem and create a spill-free bowl.

We also used the perfect thickness to make it easier on cats that like to get the last bits of food by grabbing the edge of the bowl with their mouths. Not only is our bowl spill free, but it’s light on the lips.  It really gives your kitty something to smile about.

◎Weighted for stability and a fine dining experience

None of us wants to eat on a wobbly table. It goes the same for cats. They want to eat from bowls that stay securely in place instead of sliding across the floor as they try desperately to lick the remaining last morsels. We believe that awful dining experiences such as those, are something our cats should never have to endure. 

That is why we’ve weighed the Happy Dining Raised Food Bowl at an optimal 0.65lb. It is heavy enough to provide stability at mealtime and light enough to pop into your dishwasher. The perfect mix for a perfect mealtime.

◎Dishwasher and microwave safe

Happy Dining Raised Food Bowls are both dishwasher and microwave safe. Multiple-cat owners can appreciate the convenience of simply tossing all of the food and water bowls into the dishwasher and flipping on the switch. 

Owners of elderly or ill cats with reduced appetites may already know that warming up food enhances its flavor and smell, but with these new microwaveable bowls, meal preparation become a cinch. There is no longer the need to transfer food from pans or dishes for heating, which in turn, leads to less dirty dishes. 


◎Porcelain - durable and non-absorbent.

Pottery is made from clay so it is rather porous and water-absorbent. However, porcelain is made from pottery stone. The material makes it hard and dense and, therefore, more water-resistant and durable than pottery. 

By using porcelain to manufacture the Happy Dining series, food is kept warmer longer. The porcelain also makes them more durable and aesthetically stylish, allowing our customers to enjoy them for a very long time. This makes our owners almost as happy as our cats! 

・Dimensions:4.3” x 4.3” x 3.0”
・Weight: 0.68 Pounds  
・Materials: Porcelain
Just what I was looking for!
"I have been looking for an elevated dish and found this. It is made of porcelain so it is easy to clean. The design allows the wet food to stay in the center and not all over the place. It is also microwavable. My cat always likes his wet food warmed! Great product!"
"Excellent product! Beautifully made. Helps my older cat enjoy his food as he was having problems eating out of regular bowls. Easy to clean and makes his dining area look really nice."
Anti-spill smart lip
"The upper edge of the bowl has a slight inward lip which helps keep food inside while eating"
"Anatomically correct feeding position and height puts less stress on your pet's joints and bones, no longer needs to strain neck"
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