Life Lessons from a Cat

By Amanda Eliis Nov 22, 2016
Life Lessons from a Cat

While we as people might be the dominant species, we can learn a lot from our animal companions, if we’re willing to pay attention. Cats in particular are very honest creatures and never hesitate in showing us their true feelings. For example, when they’re angry, they swat; when they’re happy, they purr; and when they’re tired, they sleep. A little honesty goes a long away in today’s world and learning a few things from our cats would do everyone a bit of good.    


Live in the Moment

How many times during the day do you find yourself rushing around, balancing home and work life, trying to make a meeting on time, buy groceries, get the house cleaned, and somehow get the bills paid all at once? While being an adult requires a lot of responsibility, do we have to act so frantically? Cats as a species apply a calm and composed demeanor to all aspects of their lives. For example, they are poised and decisive when they hunt, even if just for fun, making every movement count. Cats prefer not to waste energy, especially when there are other pressing tasks at hand, such as sleeping or bathing. They tend to live leisurely lives, making sure to get done what needs to be done, but never in a frantic fashion. What if we could learn to take a few moments out of our busy days to step back, breathe, and continue on more purposefully? We can’t create time so perhaps we could try to behave more like cats and take on daily life with ease, doing what we can as well as we can, knowing life will be whatever it will be.


Take Chances

Anyone that has ever owned a cat has witnessed that impossible leap. Whether between two tables, off a chair, or into the air towards the bug flying up near the ceiling, cats are convinced they can go the distance. With perfect poise they launch themselves upwards in a determined pouncing motion, never fearing failure. And even when they don’t succeed they go on in the same confident manner, always ready to try again. It is said that cats have nine lives. Although untrue, this idea can be attributed to the fearless manner in which they live the one life they do have. It would do us good to adopt this lesson from our cats. We should take more of the chances we are given because as they know, even if we fail, we’re bound to land on our feet.



Find Time for Yourself

The fast pace of our modern world often results in less sleep, quicker showers, and an overall lack of time to really care for our bodies. Cats are completely opposite creatures in that they spend the majority of their days resting, grooming, and delighting themselves. While we obviously have more responsibilities than our feline friends, taking care of ourselves is still important as it affects all other aspects of our lives. The lesson to be learned here is that no matter how busy life gets, creating time for yourself is crucial. For example, functioning without sleep equates to only halfway functioning. Getting enough sleep at night is imperative for our health, work efficiency, and happiness. Cats sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day, and while this is unnecessary for us, surely we can figure out a way to get 8 hours in?


Be Confident

Above all else, cats do not care what you think of them. They act without fear and express themselves freely, neither affected by or capable of passing judgement. They equally provide and expect forgiveness when either of you has done wrong. Cats are true representatives of unconditional love. They do not care what you say, how you dress, what you do, or what you think — an extremely difficult thing for humans consistently mirror. If there is one lesson we can learn from our cats its how to be confident in ourselves. If we are good enough for them, we are good enough for anyone.


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