Bandana Cat Collar With Air Tag Pocket (Blossoms Red)

Knowing your cat's location is essential, and we have come up with a fashionable and durable bandana with an Air Tag pocket (Air Tag not included), which eliminates bulkiness and discomfort around the neck area, so your cat can stay safe in comfort. Simply insert the Air Tag into the sturdy velcro pocket of the bandana, and you're ready to go! Reflective tag helps to easily alert you to your cat's location in the dark, while the breakaway collar keeps them safe from snags. Choose from a variety of signature Necoichi designs to find the look that's just right for your cat's personality.
  • Always know where your cat is, using Air Tag GPS tracking, for peace of mind (Air Tag not included)
  • Air Tag fits safely inside of fashionable bandana pocket for less bulkiness and discomfort around the neck
  • One size fits all. Adjustable from 8.2-inch to 13.7-inch. Durable velcro bandana pocket dimensions: 1.7"W x 1.6"H
  • Reflective tag for added safety at nighttime, making your cat easier to see in the dark
  • Breakaway collar fastener for added safety

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