Using it for a week, enjoying scratching. 

Oct 26, 2017
Using it for a week, enjoying scratching. 

★Necoichi User Photo★

Name: Mugi 

Age:  2 year  old 


Gender: Male 


type: Mixed


Personality: pure, love to cuddle and he come when ever he feel like it lol

love to stay in narrow space often time is hard to find where he is at. 

we had just move to a new place and to our surprised he adopt well to the new eviroment in a short period of time.


How we meet:  we hear kitty meowing at the next to our house and we find him there along so we take him home.



Product purchased: cat cozy scratcher bed 


Customer Review: 

bought two scratcher bed for our 1floor and 2nd floor. 

because of the scratcher bed Mugi had using it well for grinding his craws. 

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