Why do cats make noises while they sleep? These are the secrets one can gather from the noises a cat makes while asleep

By hana Oct 5, 2016
Why do cats make noises while they sleep? These are the secrets one can gather from the noises a cat makes while asleep

Don’t you talk in your sleep?

I’m one of those people that tends to do so. It seems as if I says things rather loudly and clearly when I sleep, as I often surprise the people I sleep with.

My cat may take after me as my cat also makes noises while sleeping, and just like me can be quite loud.

It’s very cute, but it happens so often that there are times when my cat will spring to it’s feet and be taken aback by those noises.

Why are cats similar to humans in the sense that they ‘make noises’ while sleeping?

Lets peruse some of the secrets about a cat that one gather from the ‘noises’ made while they sleep♪


Cats aren’t heavy sleepers

The Japanese word for cat is 猫 (neko). This word originated from the phrase 寝る子 (neroko) or sleeping child. And just as this phrase implies cats sleep a lot, spending almost half of their day asleep.

I often wonder, is it alright for a cat to sleep that much? About 80% of the time a cat is asleep their not actually in a deep sleep.

They’re resting their body, but apparently their brain and other senses are still in a state of being awake.

Even if a cat’s eyes are shut and it looks like they’re asleep there is without a doubt one portion of their body that’s still on the go.

This light sleep is apparently proof that they’re taking a nap♪

The sounds coming from a cat as they sleep are not only present when they’re having a ‘light sleep.’

It seems as if the reason they make sounds when sleeping is because even if their body is asleep their brain is still in a state of being wide awake.

Just like in my house the reason why a cat makes noises while sleeping is probably because while asleep there are still many actions taking place inside of their head♪


♦︎Cat’s too have dreams while sleeping?

When not in a deep sleep they say that humans have dreams as they are trying to sort out the memories from that day, and or are trying to sort out the memories they’ve had up until now.

The words and phrases that are used in those dreams are apparently the words that comes out of one’s mouth while fast asleep.

Because a cat also makes noises while sleeping one can make the assumption that they too have dreams.

If a cat cries out in one of their dreams then they may actually cry out, and it would also appear that if a cat were to run in one of their dreams then there legs and feet may move as if they were actually running.

Those moments asleep when a cat’s legs and tail twitch, those moments when they make noises, those are times when they’re in the middle of having a dream.

At those times it’s best not to wake them up, let’s just leave them be.


♦︎What kind of dreams does a cat have?

The noises a cat makes while sleeping are often not noises that sound like they’re eternally happy, they’re noises that are more often than not groans or growls, noises similar to those made when playing.

When a human does such actions as those written above they’re for the most part ‘sorting out their memories’ which is said to be why we have dreams. However for a cat, that’s not the only reason they have dreams.

It might seem strange but what a cat is actually doing is simulations of hunting, it seems that they have a large number of dreams about going after prey, just like when they were in the wild.

What a cat is apparently doing is sorting out their actions for what to do when facing danger, they’re trying to relearn those actions.

Just like when they lived in the wild, through their dreams they may be consistently on the move.


How was that?

It’s actually not when they’re having a light nap, it’s when they’re in a deep sleep that a cat doesn’t make any sounds, doesn’t move their body, and doesn’t have any dreams.

If a cat stops making noises while sleeping, if they start breathing slowly while sleeping, this is proof that they’ve just gone into a ‘deep sleep.’

Cat’s only fall into a deep sleep for a short period of time, however if they are unable to have this deep sleep then they will become weak.


It seems best that one leaves a cat as they are while they’re sleeping.


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