A cat waiting at the front door isn’t a sign of love?

By bzp00343 Oct 5, 2016
A cat waiting at the front door isn’t a sign of love?

For a cat that assumes that their job is to guard their home the front door is an area in which they’re always keeping an eye on. Because their owner will come in and go out through the front door a cat sees it as a ‘hole’ in their territory. A cat would like to be with their owner, so it’s easy to see why a cat wants to escape through that hole.

In order to prevent my beloved cat from escaping through the front door I place two screen doors that are able to be opened and closed, one on top of another, in front of my front door. However these screens aren’t the easiest to open and close, and if there’s ever a time when I’d have trouble opening and or closing these screen doors then my cat would without a doubt take the opportunity to escape. I’m sure your beloved cat is the same, not wasting anytime to get out if the opportunity arrises.

Because of this, one might be able to say that the action of your cat and or kitten coming to greet you at the door when you come home might not be because they want nothing more than to see you. Thinking about this makes one quite sad.

I have (as I’m sure other cat owners have as well) been observing my cat for some time now, particularly observing the actions he takes when I go out or when I come home. What I’d like to do is to share with you is some of the judgements that one can make about a cat based upon my observations.


☆The feelings of a cat who’s always welcoming you home

When one opens the front door without fail your cat comes leaping into the room. What us cat owners think is that our beloved cat hears our footsteps and he or she comes leaping in in order to greet us, a moment when we feel the feelings between us and them becoming even stronger. It might be surprising to find out that cats actually have a personality that not very heartwarming.

I’m sure us cat owners need no explanation, but the inside of a cat’s home is their territory. Your beloved cat waiting eagerly for you at the front door is an action that may actually be done out of curiosity, it may be because they’re quite nervous and or high-strung.

This is an action that’s done not necessarily because your cat loves you, rather done to check and make sure no trespassers have entered into their territory. It’s believed that cats check the smell of people, particularly of those who’ve come through the front door. By doing so a cat can tell if you’re their owner or not, just by the smell they can apparently distinguish between you and an intruder.

☆The feelings of a cat that sees you off whenever you go out


Your beloved cat goes with you to the front door meowing as you head off for work, meow!  It looks as if your cat is lonely, it’s as if they’re pleading to you, ‘please, don’t go!’ What this action actually is is an action indicating the state of mind that your cat is in. This state of mind is similar to that of a cat who’s currently looking after their kittens, they’re worrying about you as if you were one of their own.

They say this action is done by a cat to let you the owner know that ‘you’re forbidden from going outside!’ However, it’s not just an action that’s done by cats, they say that a number of animals have this habit and do so not necessarily because they’re lonely, but do so to let you the owner know that they’re discomforted by the fact you’re going outside, as well as to let you know that it’s dangerous out there.

Whether it be for work, pleasure, or just to run a few errands the act of one’s cat seeing their owner off and meowing at them when leaving the house may be done because they’re trying to caution their owner to what’s outside.



☆A cat that doesn’t greet you when arriving home

In the book Anatomy of Love written by anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, she writes that among humans ‘love ends after about four years.’ However this is something that may also be true among the relationship between cats and humans. 

They say that older cats have a higer rate of not greeting their owner when they arrive home. After having lived with their owner for a number of years a cat comes to know the actions and or patterns of their owner quite well, and as a result don’t greet them when coming home, they no longer feel the need to check and see if it’s really them.

A cat may feel at ease, ‘my owner often come home at this time, so I know it’s them’ and won’t rush to the front door as they once used to. However us owners start to feel a bit lonely not having our beloved cat greet us anymore when we come home.


Something I’m sure none of us cat owners need to be told, but if you observe your beloved cat carefully you’ll be able to understand many of their feelings.

I often think to myself that the relationships that cats have with us humans is legally stronger than the relationship between two humans. If I wanted to divorce the person I was married to, I could do so no problem. However I’m unable to abandon my cat, that’s illegal. With a cat, one is bound to he or she until they pass away, us owners are obliged to look after our beloved cat until he or she goes to cat heaven. One may need to devise some course of action in order for the love between us and our cat to last, but for the sake of our beloved cat it’s more than worth the effort.


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