‘Leave me alone right now!’ 3 signs for when a cat wants to be left alone

By hana Sep 2, 2016
‘Leave me alone right now!’ 3 signs for when a cat wants to be left alone

It depends on the personality of the cat is but cats are pretty much animals that have a cool composure.
When a cat wants to be played with by their owner, when they want to be payed attention to they come up to one saying ‘it’s alright to spoil me as much as you’d like!’ but other than that there are many cats that when called by their owner act as if they can’t hear anything.
For those of you who own a cat I’m sure that you know this but cats think that they’re number one! An animal having an attitude as if they were a princess or prince. When a cat ‘doesn’t want to be paid attention to’ you the owner may be not be liked by he or she very much.
To not be disliked by your cat it’s important to know the signs of when they want to be left alone.
We’ll introduce what signs a cat shows at the times when they don’t want to play with.

You call them but they don’t turn to look in your direction

I think you’ll know this if you own a cat but there are many cats that remember their own name.
I’m sure there is some sort of response when you call out there name, right?
When a cat wants to be paid attention to by their owner when there name is called out they give you a look that says ‘I was waiting for you to call me!’ and come closer.
However when a cat doesn’t want to be paid attention to you’ll call their name and many of them will have their mind made up to act as if they didn’t hear you.
They won’t even turn to look at their owners face, when a cat only wags their tail as a response don’t try to pet them, don’t try holding them, it’s best you leave them alone.

When they hide their body

When a cat wants to be paid attention to by their owner they’ll take actions in order to get themselves noticed.
They come in front of their owner when trying to concentrate on something, they’ll sit right in front of them… Look at me! Is what they’ll say, placing themselves in a position where they can be easily seen by their owner and they’ll start appealing themselves.
However when a cat wants to enjoy time on their own they won’t come in the line of sight of their owner. He or she doesn’t want be interrupted and paid attention to, because they want to fully enjoy the time on their own they’ll hide their body in a place where they can be all on their own.
They’ll hide in a hideout in order to stay out of the way of their owners line of sight, if you notice this then let them be on their own until the come out!

When they sleep
Even among humans if one were to be forcefully woken up then you too would be upset wouldn’t you?
You’ve got something to do, waking up in the morning might not be avoidable, but if you were to be woken up without anything that needed to be done I’m sure there are more than a few people who will think ‘why did you wake me up?’ and become angry.
Even with cats they too if there is nothing special that need to be done don’t want to be woken up while they’re sleeping in the middle of their relaxation time.
In comparison with other pets long sleeping cats will without a doubt won’t want to have those hours of sleep interrupted.
Taking a photo of a cat’s sleeping face is cute and one will want to start messing about with them but when they’re sleeping don’t tease or bother them!
In summary…
Until a cat comes up to you and tells you ‘I want to be paid attention to!’ it may be best that you don’t forcefully pay attention to them.
As to not be disliked by a cat be careful not to do the actions listed in this article.


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